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Fluorine lined pipe

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Fluorine lined pipeSpecifications
PTFE lined pipe
Nominal Diameter (mm/in.): (NPS 1/2-NPS 24)
Operating temperature: -20-180 degree
PTFE lined pipe
lining material: ptfe, po, pe, pp,
1.Positive pressure: It shall adopt steel components according to different technical requirements, and the thickness of PTFE wall shall be over 2mm. If the temperature is less than 100 degree, the production length shall be less than 6m; and if the temperature exceeds 100 degree, the length shall be less than 3m.
2. Negative pressure: Design according to different ambient conditions of the usersAluminum profile is an applied product form of aluminum alloy, that is, aluminum bar (or aluminum plate) is manufactured through hot melting, extrusion, coloring and other processes.

What are the characteristics of industrial aluminum profiles:

Aluminum profile has good corrosion resistance, processability, formability and recyclability, and its conductivity and thermal conductivity are better than copper, and it is a non ferromagnetic material, which is more suitable for application in the electronic and electrical industry. However, shrinkage cavity, sand hole, air hole, slag inclusion and other casting defects are easy to occur in aluminum alloy production.

What aspects are industrial aluminum profiles used in:

  • Buildings: bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows, curtain wall aluminum profiles, etc.

  • Radiator: aluminum radiator, which can be used for heat dissipation of various power electronic equipment.

  • Industrial production and manufacturing: industrial aluminum profile accessories, automatic machinery and equipment, assembly line conveyor belt, etc. Auto parts manufacturing: car luggage rack, door, body, etc.

  • Furniture manufacturing: home decoration frame, all aluminum furniture, etc.

  • Solar photovoltaic profile: solar aluminum profile frame, bracket, etc.

  • Track lane structure: mainly used for manufacturing of rail vehicle body.

  • Mounting: It is made into aluminum alloy picture frame and used to mount various exhibitions or decorative paintings. Medical equipment: used to make stretcher frames, medical instruments, medical beds, etc.


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