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Aluminum silicon steel plate (details)

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Al-Si alloy plating layer plated steel sheet is a steel sheet, wherein an aluminum content of 90%, 10% silicon.
1. Heat resistance
Aluminum steel heat resistance than galvanized steel, cold rolled steel is superior. Because of the particular combination of steel substrate and coating microstructure formation of an iron alloy, making aluminum plate with excellent temperature resistance. At about 450 ℃, it can ensure high relativity. Below about 550 degrees to be long-term use hardly changed, maintains its beautiful gloss, but the high temperature of more than about 600 degrees, due to the interdiffusion of iron and aluminum alloyed surface layer by gradually turned dark gray color, However, a high melting point metal layer, i.e., aluminum or melting point exceeds, it does not melt precipitated. Aluminum steel heat resistance (500-600 ℃) and stainless steel plate is almost the same, but more than the cold-rolled steel sheet excellent 20 times.
2. Heat reflective properties
Aluminum plate surface, not only the processing beautiful, and has excellent reflective properties at a temperature below 500 ℃, having about 80% light rectangle; actually under infrared rectangle of 95%. Therefore aluminum plate can be made efficient insulation barrier or heat reflector in high temperature applications, and through effective heat reflection so that the furnace temperature rises rapidly.
3. Corrosion
Aluminum ion series, than Mn, Mo, Cr, W, Cd, Fe, Zn tends to be more resistive. However, due to the aluminum oxide film itself has good stability, and therefore the corrosion resistance of the surface layer, in addition to part of the environmental conditions, many excellent than galvanized steel. In the hot dip coating process, the molten aluminum immediately form a protective layer of Al2O3 to react with oxygen in the air, the surface of the steel sheet immediately passivated. This protective layer itself is very stable and does not dissolve in water, even though the steel surface is scratched, the protective layer also has a self-healing capabilities. Therefore, the aluminum plate on the chemical corrosion has strong corrosion resistance.
4. Green Performance
Aluminum layer aluminum plate is made of aluminum, silicon and iron components. After some authority under the Japanese Government tests confirmed, did not comply with the chemical passivation of aluminum plate Food Sanitation Law, harmless to human health and can be applied directly to food processing. Many professional organizations test reports to prove their product is environmentally harmless. Aluminum plates can be recycled.5. Workbility
Aluminum plate between the substrate and the coating, due to the presence of Fe-Al alloys, therefore, generally considered to be inferior to cold-rolled steel, galvanized steel and other workability. But all kinds of aluminum plate processing characteristics, such as can be dealt with by the method you can get almost the same with other steel processing results.
6. eldability
Compared with cold rolled steel sheet, in terms of the welding conditions are different. Because aluminum is relatively soft, and therefore easy to combine, and because of the strong electrical conductivity, so the heat of the welding part better than cold-rolled steel. In addition, galvanized steel coating than high melting point, easy flow, melting a small area, it is not necessary to use galvanized steel so much current.7. Performance Coatings
When the coating on the aluminum plate, to make the adhesion stability, the need for chemical pretreatment coating generated.
Aluminum plate on a "gas wiping Law" made of molten coating technology, processing and past roll coating method, compared to the galvanized steel sheet, because no embossed, it has a long-lasting gloss, better corrosion resistance and wind resistance.Aluminum profile is an applied product form of aluminum alloy, that is, aluminum bar (or aluminum plate) is manufactured through hot melting, extrusion, coloring and other processes.

What are the characteristics of industrial aluminum profiles:

Aluminum profile has good corrosion resistance, processability, formability and recyclability, and its conductivity and thermal conductivity are better than copper, and it is a non ferromagnetic material, which is more suitable for application in the electronic and electrical industry. However, shrinkage cavity, sand hole, air hole, slag inclusion and other casting defects are easy to occur in aluminum alloy production.

What aspects are industrial aluminum profiles used in:

  • Buildings: bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows, curtain wall aluminum profiles, etc.

  • Radiator: aluminum radiator, which can be used for heat dissipation of various power electronic equipment.

  • Industrial production and manufacturing: industrial aluminum profile accessories, automatic machinery and equipment, assembly line conveyor belt, etc. Auto parts manufacturing: car luggage rack, door, body, etc.

  • Furniture manufacturing: home decoration frame, all aluminum furniture, etc.

  • Solar photovoltaic profile: solar aluminum profile frame, bracket, etc.

  • Track lane structure: mainly used for manufacturing of rail vehicle body.

  • Mounting: It is made into aluminum alloy picture frame and used to mount various exhibitions or decorative paintings. Medical equipment: used to make stretcher frames, medical instruments, medical beds, etc.

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