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What's New

  • Fluorine lined pipe 2016-10-18
  • Aluminum silicon steel plate (details) 2015-06-01
  • Aluminium zinc plate 2015-05-01
  • CARBON STEEL STOCK 2015-04-22
  • OTHER METALS 2015-03-11
    Stainless SteelSpecification & GradesAISI 304/304L & 316/316LASTM A240 TP 304/304L & TP 316/316LSheets & PlatesPlainSurface Finish BA 2B, HL, No. 1PerforatedAnglesBarsRound barHexagonal barFlat barAluminumSpecification & GradesJis H4000EN573ASTM B221/B211ASTM B331/B211Alloy 1050, 6063, 3105Sheets & PlatesFlat sheets & platesFloor PlatesCorrugated SheetsAnglesBarsRound barFlat barHollow SectionsSqu...
  • PIPE STOCK 2015-02-08
  • Cr Steel 2015-01-09
    (1) The characteristics of low-carbon tool steel alloy tool steel, low hardenability steel. The steel has high hardness, high toughness, good line cutting performance. This kind of steel is characterized by containing less alloying elements, tempering resistance is low, the hardened layer shallow, and thus lower their carrying capacity. Welding preheat preceded heating after welding control should...
  • Cr2 Steel 2015-01-09
    (1) The characteristics of low-carbon tool steel alloy tool steel, chromium typical measuring and cutting steel. The steel is a comprehensive performance best water, one of the common cold work die steel quenching oil, and its chemical composition is equivalent to adding 1.5% Cr steel TlOA made. Its chemical composition and ball bearing steel GCr15 similar. Because it contains chromium, the steel ...
  • CrW5 Steel 2015-01-09
    (1) low characteristic mold steel hardenability carbon tungsten chromium cold work die steel, high wear Levin's body martensitic steel in the water cooling, high hardness, toughness, although lower, but wear resistance and bite excellent ability to obtain the title of "Diamond steel". The hardened steel hardness up to 67 ~ 68HRC, but low thermal stability, hardenability limited, slightly better th...
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